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Robe Imbriano

Producer /  Director

Robe Imbriano has produced for everyone from Peter Jennings to Bill Moyers, from Ted Koppel to Oprah Winfrey, winning numerous awards along the way. For DocGroup, he has directed The Constitution Project, an award-winning series for schools that involves Supreme Court Justices and the top legal minds in the country.

Known for his coverage of America’s marginalized and dispossessed, Imbriano specialized in first-person narratives and small format pieces at ABC. At Day One he brought the voices of gang members, Native Americans, inner city teenagers and others to prime time network television.

For Nightline, he was part of a team of producers that spent months shooting throughout the juvenile justice institutions of San Jose. And his series there on Hip Hop featuring Jay Z and Grandmaster Flash earned a Gerald Loeb Award Finalist citation for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism in Television.

One New York City school that was the subject of a Crystal Stair hour Robe produced for Now with Bill Moyers received over a million dollars in contributions after the show aired on PBS. He’s profiled scientists with Neil deGrasse Tyson for Nova ScienceNow and compared Jazz to Democracy with Wynton Marsalis and Sandra Day O’Connor.

He has also won (or has been part of a team of producers that has won) awards including a Daytime Emmy, the duPont, a James Beard Nomination and others.

Robe lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife, Helena, and daughter, Lu.