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Libby Kreutz

Senior Researcher

Libby Kreutz has been researching imagery and content for documentaries for over 20 years, starting her work on such noted PBS series as Frontline, American Experience, and American Masters. Her collaboration with DocGroup began with two well received ABC documentaries hosted by the late Peter Jennings, The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy and UFOs: Seeing is Believing. Since then, she worked on DocGroup’s feature documentary, Steep, and as licensing director on America in Primetime, broadcast in 2011. She is currently the senior researcher for the company’s series exploring the history of aviation and aerospace.

Two PBS documentaries Kreutz co-produced, Edward R. Murrow: This Reporter and George Marshall and the American Century, received Emmy awards.

Since 2009, she has also been working on her first research project outside of television, as head photo and footage researcher for the 9/11 Memorial and Museum’s exhibition, projected to open at ground zero in 2013.