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On 01, Oct 2012 | No Comments | In | By admin

FRONTLINE: Climate of Doubt

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In 2008, the presidential candidates agreed that climate change was a critical issue demanding urgent attention. But that national call to action has disappeared and in the past four years public opinion on the climate issue has cooled. This election cycle, the presidential candidates barely discuss climate change. And new studies find that only about half of Americans believe global warming is caused by human activity. What’s behind this dramatic reversal? In Climate of Doubt, FRONTLINE correspondent John Hockenberry of PRI’s The Takeaway explores the inner workings of the movement that changed the debate on climate change.
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On 04, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In | By admin


Where to Watch


California has long been known as a land of dreams – a place irresistible to visionaries from all walks of life who come to innovate, create, entertain, and accomplish feats that, in turn, go on to change the world. But dreams don’t just happen – they are made. Built up piece-by-piece, day-by-day.

Dreamland tells the story of one day in California. Filmed simultaneously from dawn until dusk on November 19, 2010, it follows a remarkable ensemble of Californians who are pushing the bounds of the possible.

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On 14, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In | By admin

Angle of Attack



From the very first shipboard landing by Eugene Ely in 1911 to the latest debates surrounding unmanned aerial vehicles, Angle of Attack: How Naval Aviation Changed the Face of War chronicles the triumphs and challenges that Naval Aviation has faced since its invention, and brings to life the largely untold story of one of the pillars in our national defense structure.

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On 14, Feb 2010 | No Comments | In | By admin

Lafayette: The Lost Hero

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Lafayette: The Lost Hero is an historical detective story. Who was the Marquis de Lafayette? How and why did he come to America? This film tells the story of the life and legend of an intriguing, neglected and controversial figure, who left France at the age of 19 and fought courageously for the independence of the United States.

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On 24, Jul 2009 | No Comments | In | By admin

Over a Barrel: The Truth About Oil



America is addicted to oil, consuming 400 million gallons of gas every day. That’s more than a half million dollars spent on gas every minute of every day. Oil is the biggest business in the world and it is an industry that last year earned $180 billion in profits – one gallon at a time.

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On 22, Aug 2008 | No Comments | In | By admin




There are places in America where the unthinkable is happening — too many babies are dying. In most cities, black babies are dying at three times the rate of white babies. That’s what’s happening in Memphis, Tennessee, the city with the nation’s highest rate of infant mortality. A baby dies there on average every 43 hours. But many people are working to change that startling statistic.

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On 06, Aug 2008 | No Comments | In | By admin

China Inside Out: Bob Woodruff Reports



China Inside Out, a documentary reported by ABC News’ Bob Woodruff, explores the stunning global transformation that is taking place at the outset of what is already being called “The Chinese Century.” While much of American foreign policy has been focused on the Global War on Terror, China has been shaking hands and making deals all around the world. In this hour-long documentary, Woodruff examines four of those relationships to discover how China’s rise is impacting all of us.

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On 13, Feb 2007 | No Comments | In | By admin

Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience

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Operation Homecoming, an Academy Award nominated documentary, explores the firsthand accounts of American troops through their written words, and offers a profound window into the human side of the war that was being fought in Iraq.
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