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Girl Rising

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Girl Rising is a groundbreaking film and the centerpiece of the global action campaign for girls’ education. We use the power of storytelling, leveraged through partnerships, to share the simple truth that educating and investing in girls can transform families, communities and entire countries for generations.

Girl Rising unites girls, women, boys and men who believe every girl has the right to go to school and the right to reach her full potential. 

Our mission is to change the way the world values the girl.

From Academy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins, Girl Rising journeys around the globe to witness the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change the world. Viewers get to know nine unforgettable girls living in the developing world: ordinary girls who confront tremendous challenges and overcome nearly impossible odds to pursue their dreams. Prize-winning authors put the girls’ remarkable stories into words, and renowned actors give them voice.

The film, behind-the-scenes videos, advocacy trailers and a free standards-aligned school curriculum are designed to raise awareness and inspire individuals to take action.


  • Google Joins Effort to Educate Girls
    Girl Rising has been awarded a $500,000 grant from This generous support enables us to continue building our campaign to change the world…by changing the world for girls.

    USAID Public-Partnerships Week Gallery Exhibition
    Girl Rising’s first photo gallery, sponsored by USAID and our strategic action partner Intel, features stunning and powerful photographs from the field. The exhibit will be on display through February.

    Global Campaign for Education: Copenhagen
    Girl Rising was asked to produce a 60 second PSA for Global Education Replenishment meetings held in Copenhagen. Check it out!

    Girl Rising Joins Intel’s Act Now Campus Program at San Jose State University
    Girl Rising joined Intel as they hosted the first of many university panels at San Jose State University. The next panel will be on April 18th at the UCLA campus.

  • Girl Rising Staff List
  • • Girls with 7 years of education marry 4 years later and have 2.2 fewer children.
    • When 10% more girls go to school, a country’s GDP increases on average by 3%.
    • More education for girls means decreased malnutrition and HIV infection rates for all.
    • One year of primary education for a girl increases her later wages up to 15%.
    • A year of secondary education will raise her eventual wages up to 25%.

    Yet, less than two cents of every international development dollar is directed to girls.

    Girl Rising tells the real stories of real girls
    Girl Rising combines the best qualities of narrative feature with the most powerful tools of documentary to tell the stories of 9 inspiring girls. Girl Rising’s creative vision employs the innovative filmmaking that contemporary audiences demand.

    10 countries. Girls across the world face many different obstacles. Early marriage, HIV, trafficking and civil war—to name just a few—have stacked the deck against girls. But in each country there are truly admirable girls who, despite the odds, are succeeding.

    10 writers. Compelling stories require moving narratives and dynamic writing. Therefore, we are engaging some of the most acclaimed writers from each country, women who serve as natural models of success. The writer will spend time with a girl from her country. She will get to know her – her circumstances, her family, her hopes and dreams. She will then write a short story, a poem or an essay that serves, in effect, as a screenplay and as the foundation for an inspiring film. Through the words of the writer, the voice of the girl emerges.

    10 major artists. The world-class artists who narrate the writing bring the stories to life. As widely recognized stars, they will be effective and powerful advocates for girls.

    Girl Rising is fueled by the passion of our partners.
    The energy and power of Girl Rising comes from the committed engagement of our partners. They are thought leaders, visionaries and advocates of all kinds, including CEOs, nonprofit leaders, campus activists, global decision-makers, soccer moms, and heads of state. Together, we understand that educating girls can change the future.

    Corporate partners realize the importance of investing in adolescent girls.
    Girl Rising’s corporate partners understand that educating and empowering girls is both great for society and great for business. Education breaks down the walls around a girls life and prepares her to become a full participant in tomorrow’s economy.

    Corporations involved with Girl Rising have the opportunity to fortify their own business objectives with professionally produced media assets that draw attention to their investments in growing markets. Co-branded campaigns bring these corporations into the highly visible and accelerating girls movement. Clear pathways to actions give employees opportunities for engagement and measurable, immediate ways to impact the lives of girls. And Girl Rising social networks connect corporations with audiences who share a deep commitment to investing in and supporting girls around the world.

    Girl Rising is working with the most successful and innovative NGO partners.
    Girl Rising non-profit partners have proven programs that serve girls around the world and provide the services that are vital to ensuring that girls transition from adolescence to adulthood with the life-skills and training necessary for success. The Girl Rising campaign points individuals to tangible, meaningful actions that support our non-profit partners. Non-profit partners are armed with innovative strategies to use Girl Rising’s professionally produced media assets, including the Girl Rising film, to raise funding and support for their programs around the world. The Girl Rising campaign will rally communities to take actions for girls, compel policy makers to adopt policies that support girls, and inspire girls in the developing world and beyond.

    The Girl Rising community propels girls to the center of the global agenda and provides clear pathways for individuals to take measurable actions that support girls. Writers, actresses, funders, corporate and NGO partners, audiences and advocates of all kinds come together as champions for girls.

    Community drives Girl Rising, and we are building a community that includes everyone.
    The Girl Rising campaign has a three-year timeline, from January 2011 – December 2013. During this time, our community will find us through new media and internet platforms that provide borderless distribution for Girl Rising media, in movie theaters, around televisions, in newspapers, on college campuses, at bookclubs, and at high-profile events. Girl Rising gives millions of people the tools to be agents of change. Our community will drive resources to the programs proven to help girls. It will compel leaders to enact the changes that empower girls to transform their families, communities, and countries.

    Our community is a community of everyone only if it includes YOU.
    Join Us as we tell the stories of 10 remarkable girls. With your help, Girl Rising can begin to re-write the stories of countless others in the future.

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    Girls Count: A Global Investment & Action Agenda by Ruth Levine, Center for Global Development, Cynthaia B. Lloyd, Population Council, Margaret Greene, International Center for Reasearch on Women, Caren Grown, American University

    New Lessons: The Power of Educating Adolescent Girls by Cynthia B. Lloyd and Juliet Young

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