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On 14, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In | By admin

Angle of Attack



From the very first shipboard landing by Eugene Ely in 1911 to the latest debates surrounding unmanned aerial vehicles, Angle of Attack: How Naval Aviation Changed the Face of War chronicles the triumphs and challenges that Naval Aviation has faced since its invention, and brings to life the largely untold story of one of the pillars in our national defense structure.

Angle of Attack tells the story of a hundred years of Naval aviation, from wobbly gliders to supersonic jets. The two-part series charts how technological innovations shaped strategic choices and, conversely, how strategic imperatives propelled Naval aviation toward innovation and reinvention.

While chronicling the technological and strategic advancements of Naval aviation, Angle of Attack also highlights the aviators, the people in the cockpits who give life to the machines and their mission.

Angle of Attack was first broadcast in November 2011 on PBS.

For international sales please contact APT Worldwide.

  • Written & Produced by
    Chana Gazit
    Thomas Lennon

    Directors of Photography
    Thomas Lennon
    Glen Mordeci

    Nancy Novack
    Maeve O’Boyle
    Merril Stern

    Michael Murphy

    Mark Suozzo

    Technical Coordinator
    Charles Farrell

    Associate Producer
    Julia Conley

    Archival Researchers
    Joy Conley
    Tiffany Hagger
    Judy Aley

    Erika Howard

    Additional Camera
    Charles Farrell
    Lt Cdr Tim Kray
    Lt Cdr Gabe Pincelli
    Lt Eric Disher
    Lt Patrick Foster
    Lt Justin Mason
    Lt Jarred Redford

    Charles Farrell
    Mark Mandler
    Len Schmitz

    Doug Cordonier
    Ned Hallick
    Russell Senato
    Russell Wicks

    Brett Carleton

    Production Assistants
    Zachery Houston
    Brigette Proctor
    Rebecca Weber
    Josh Mankoff

    Assistant Editors
    Charles Farrell
    Jason Johnson-Spinos

    Erin Natal

    Hiroaki Sasa

    For The Documentary Group:

    Victoria Nece

    Production Coordinator
    Heidi Christenson

    Executive Producer
    Tom Yellin