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America In Primetime

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The new Golden Age of television is now. In the expansive world of modern television, more groundbreaking shows are being created today than ever before. America in Primetime is a 4-part television series for PBS which showcases this iconic American art form.

America in Primetime, which aired in October 2011, is structured around the most compelling shows on television today, weaving between past and present and back again. Each episode focuses on one character archetype that has remained a staple of primetime through the generations – the Independent Woman, the Man of the House, the Misfit, and the Crusader – capturing both the continuity of the character, and the evolution. The finest television today has as its foundation the best television of yesterday.

America in Primetime is a collaboration with the com­munity that creates primetime television. At the heart of the series are more than a hundred in-depth interviews with the top talent in primetime – the creators, writers, actors who give life to characters we have come to know, love and live with. The series presents an extraordinary opportunity to experience the creative process from the inside out.

MAN OF THE HOUSE- In 1950s television, the man of the house was king of his castle, but then he began losing control. Was it all an illusion to begin with?

INDEPENDENT WOMAN Far removed from the model housewife of yesterday, women today on TV care less about pleasing others and more about being true to themselves.

THE MISFIT Whether they are oddballs, losers or just plain weird, misfits have grown beyond comic stereotypes and are taking center stage with a vengeance, refusing to apologize for who they are.

THE CRUSADER Heroes today are complex. Their stories are told with increasing humanity, depicting characters who confront almost impossible choices as they fight evil in a world where the line between right and wrong is often blurred.
America in Primetime was first broadcast in October 2011 on PBS.

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    Diane Clehan, blogger for Media Bistro, interviews Tom Yellin about America in Primetime.

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    Del Criscenzo, host of Bread and Roses, talks with Tom Yellin about the role of women in American television.

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  • Director, Lloyd Kramer

    Executive Producer,
    Tom Yellin
    Lloyd Kramer

    Linda Hirsch
    Susan Schaefer

    Associate Producer,
    Mark Kachelries
    Joanna Cohen

    Scott Chestnut
    Jon Vesey
    Igor Kovalik

    Director of photography, Logan Schneider

    Music, Peter Nashel

    Co-Producer, Scott Chestnut

    Senior Producer,
    Kayce Freed Jennings
    Richard Robbins

    Supervising Producer, Heidi Christenson

    Licensing Director, Libby Kreutz

    Talent Producer , Courtney Balaker

    Production Associate and Researcher , Brian Taylor

    Associate Editor, Tyler Anderson

    Post Production Supervisor, Marc Tidalgo

  • Alan Alda
    Jason Alexander
    Gillian Anderson
    Judd Apatow
    John Astin
    Alec Baldwin
    Alan Ball
    Candice Bergen
    Steven Bochco
    Liz Brixius
    James L. Brooks
    Marcy Carsey
    Chris Carter
    David Chase
    Bob Cochran
    Diablo Cody
    Sara Colleton
    Bryan Cranston
    Greg Daniels
    Larry David
    Danny Devito
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    Diane English
    Edie Falco
    Paul Feig
    Jessie Tyler Ferguson
    Tom Fontana
    Dennis Franz
    Vince Gilligan
    Patricia Heaton
    Marshall Herskovitz
    Mitchell Hurwitz
    Al Jean
    Michelle King
    Robert King
    Jenji Kohan
    Hugh Laurie
    Norman Lear
    Steve Levitan
    Warren Littlefield
    Christopher Lloyd
    David Lynch
    James Manos Jr.
    Jerry Mathers
    Steve McPherson
    Laurie Metcalf
    George A. Meyer
    David Milch
    Mary Tyler Moore
    Elizabeth Moss
    Sue Naegle
    Sandra Oh
    Mark V. Olsen
    Mary-Louise Parker
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Bill Paxton
    Clyde Phillips
    Kevin Reilly
    Carl Reiner
    Rob Reiner
    Shonda Rhimes
    Phil Rosenthal
    Mike Royce
    Shawn Ryan
    Will Scheffer
    David Shore
    David Simon
    Darren Star
    Joel Surnow
    Linda Wallem
    Matt Weiner
    Tom Werner
    Larry Wilmore
    Rainn Wilson
    Dick Van Dyke
    Ed Zwick