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Kayce Freed Jennings

Senior Producer 

Kayce Freed Jennings has extensive experience in both television news and documentaries. Before co-founding DocGroup – and helping to start its predecessor, PJ Productions – she spent 20 years at ABC News, covering international and national news and producing for virtually every broadcast in the network news division. She was on the staffs of Nightline, World News Tonight, Day One and 20/20, and based in London, Atlanta and New York.

At DocGroup, in addition to helping create the company along with Tom Yellin and Richard Robbins, Kayce develops projects, helps oversee production and is senior producer on many of the company’s films. While at PJ Productions, Kayce was senior producer on a number of documentaries, among them the Peabody Award-winning Out of Control: AIDS in Black America and Babyland.

Kayce got her start in television journalism at ABC News’ London bureau in the 1980s, an invigorating era when American network news divisions, and particularly ABC’s, were invested in international coverage. As a producer for Nightline, she covered Europe, the Middle East and Africa – and events such as the American raid on Libya, the 5-year anniversary of Zimbabwe’s independence, the anti-nuclear movement in Europe, and “the troubles” in Northern Ireland. Back in the U.S. and based at ABC’s Atlanta bureau, she focused on the American South, the Caribbean, and national politics, including a stint as Jeff Greenfield’s producer in the final months leading up to the 1988 presidential election.

When World News Tonight with Peter Jennings launched its ground-breaking series, “The American Agenda,” Kayce was one of its pioneering producers, specializing in social policy and family issues. She moved to ABC News’ New York headquarters in and, in 1993, began producing for the primetime news magazines, first Day One, and then 20/20. During her time at ABC, Kayce worked with all the major anchors, including Peter Jennings, Ted Koppel, Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters.

In addition to her “day job”, Kayce has close ties to a number of non-profit organizations, including Teach for America, The Coalition for the Homeless, and Concern Worldwide. She serves on the board of WIN, a non-profit agency that serves homeless families, and the advisory board of SOLA – School of Leadership, Afghanistan. She was co-creator The Peter Jennings Project for Journalists and the Constitution and is co-editor of the oral biography, Peter Jennings: A Reporter’s Life.

Kayce is a graduate of Brown University and attended graduate school at the London School of Economics.