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Christina Lowery

CEO, Girl Rising

Christina Lowery brings broad experience as an independent documentary producer to DocGroup, having produced programs for PBS, ABC, CNN, A&E and The History Channel. Her feature film experience includes work as an archival footage consultant, most recently for Shine a Light, Martin Scorsese’s Rolling Stones concert film for Paramount Classics and The Good Shepherd directed by Robert DeNiro for Universal Pictures. She has also produced short-form documentary videos for the Smithsonian Museum.

Christina first met and collaborated with DocGroup’s executive producer Tom Yellin while working on Peter Jennings Reporting: Guantanamo (2006) with Washington DC-based Washington Media Associates. She went on to work on three other films with Sherry Jones and Washington Media Associates, co-producing 9/11: For the Record aNOW with Bill Moyers special (2004) which Newsday named one of the 10 best TV Programs of that year: “Of all the programs marking the anniversary of the attacks, 9/11: For the Record is the must see ― a sobering, heartbreaking hour.” Christina also co-produced Dead Wrong: Inside an Intelligence Meltdown (2005), an examination of pre-Iraq War intelligence that was initially broadcast as a special edition of CNN Presents. She was the production manager for Moyers on America: Capitol Crimes (2006), a 90-minute exposé of the Jack Abramoff/Tom DeLay scandals.

Christina holds a B.A. in Comparative Literature from Brown University and a Masters degree in Community and Regional Planning with an emphasis on international economic development from the University of Texas at Austin. She resides in New York’s Hudson River Valley with her husband and two children.