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Tony Gerber

Tony Gerber’s films include Full Battle Rattle (SXSW ’08 Special Jury Prize) about life inside the US Army’s Iraq simulation in the California desert and The Notorious Mr. Bout (Sundance 2014) about Russian arms dealer, Victor Bout, the inspiration for the Nicholas Cage character in the film Lord of War.  Gerber is a two-time Emmy recipient and has written and directed over a dozen documentaries for National Geographic, shot in some of the most remote regions of the world.  Most recently he directed Blood Antiquities about ISIS’ looting pipeline that runs from occupied Syria to the capitals of Europe, and We Will Rise chronicling former First Lady Michelle Obama’s trip to Africa to raise awareness of the importance of girl’s education.  The film features Meryl Streep, Isha Sesay and Freida Pinto (CNN Films.)  Gerber produced Rachel Beth Anderson’s First to Fall (Gucci/TriBeCa recipient, IDFA 2013) about the broken promise of the revolution in Libya. In 2005 he founded Market Road Films, a NY-based production company with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage.  Currently in production (in association with Brett Ratner and RatPac) is a film about the life of former Liberian president Charles Taylor’s American-born son.