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In News

By Ashley Meek

Tune in to Watch The Age of Aerospace!

On 03, Feb 2016 | One Comment | In News | By Ashley Meek

An exciting new series on the history of aviation! For more information visit: The Age of Aerospace.


  1. As a huge fan of aviation since childhood, an amateur aviation historian, and a black pilot at a legacy airline, I was MAJORLY disappointed in the 2nd episode, Miracle Planes. Specifically, the built up narrative of WWII bombers, their continual loses of hulls, their being escorted by fighter aircraft, and subsequently, a BLATANT omission of the Tuskegee Airmen!?!?!?!!!!!! I understand that the program was mostly about the aircraft, but the Tuskegee Airmen played such a vital roll in diminishing the losses of bombers during WWII, having NEVER lost a single bomber as fighter escorts, that omitting that particular, SIGNIFICANT portion of (aviation) history leaves a GAPING hole in your programming!!!!!!

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